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    Nas. Debate over.

    Can’t choose. Don’t make me choose.

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    Juan Lagares makes more highlight-reel catches than the rest of the NL combined.


  4. darthdream:

    Opening Day.

    This Is The Time To Be Hopeful And Optimistic.

    This Is The Time To Be Gleeful And Happy.

    This Is The Time That Everyone’s A Winner.

    This Is The Time For Spring To Really Get Underway.

    This Is The Time For Baseball.





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    I’m laughing harder than when I first saw this in the 6th grade 

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    Damian Lillard

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    it’s 2014 where is this??

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    aw shit get it wednesday

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    Tim Hardaway, Jr. with the dunk of the night in the Knicks’ 93-92 win over the Sixers.


  14. nbacooldudes:

    Blake Griffin dunks in the Clippers’ 112-103 win over the Pistons.


  15. [Watch] Blake Griffin Reads Space Jam Lines with Topanga


    By Greg Smith Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan stopped by a show called “The Live Read” where they have actors and comedians sit around a table and read movie scripts. This time, they were reading lines from Space Jam with cast members from The League and Topanga aka Danielle Fishel. Blake took t…

    #BlakeGriffin, #DanielleFishel, #Topanga

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